Our well-qualified and experienced staff are assisted by visiting specialists in drama, music, French, chess and wild learning/forest school. Our team also include Designated Safeguarding Leads,  First Aiders, and a Mental Health Supervisor. 

We have dedicated EAL and SEND co-ordinators.


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Our Curriculum:

The school curriculum sets out the knowledge and skills that pupils will gain in each year group (intent). The curriculum policy outlines the way that the curriculum is taught and assessed in order to support pupils to build their knowledge and to apply that knowledge as skills (implementation). The outcomes that pupils achieve as a result of the education they have received is evident in data sets, observations, pupils’ books and the evident enjoyment taken from lessons by pupils. It is our mission to impact positively on pupils’ learning such that they make optimum progress against their starting points.


The Early Years Foundation Stage is implemented in the Nursery and Reception.

Children in Reception also go swimming one afternoon per week throughout the year (30-minute lesson per week).

The Pre-Prep curriculum is based on the National Curriculum. Numeracy and Literacy are planned using the Primary Framework. Subjects taught include those required under the Independent School Standards

We are proud to offer a well-constructed, well-taught curriculum which leads to good results. The staff have responsibility for ensuring the curriculum meets the needs of our pupils such that they are fully prepared for life in England and can meet the demands of the competitive Tests.