Autumn 2 week 1



Welcome back Parents,

The children have returned to the classroom in great spirits and have remembered our rules and routines well. We have had a super busy first week and the nursery class have been introduced to the five senses and the story and history of Guy Fawkes. Fireworks have played a huge part in the work this week as this time of year, with both Bonfire Night and upcoming Diwali, will see our skies filled with light.

PSHCE: Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night, commemorates the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and typically involves bonfires and fireworks. We discussed the following:
- Personal Safety: we spoke about the potential dangers of fireworks and bonfires, emphasising the importance of staying safe and following instructions.
- Health and Well-being: Some of us do not like loud noises and would not want to join a fireworks party and that's okay. It is important to understand that we will not always like the same things, but we should know about different celebrations.

Nursery watched an informative video highlighting the importance of celebrating Guy Fawkes night and how they may celebrate in London. Many of the children remarked that they had not seen real fireworks before or held a sparkler. They did however, identify all the food and drinks associated with an outdoor party.

Literacy: Last term we discussed the ways in which our body looks after us. This week we explored what our senses are and why we need them. Nursery children watched an informative video highlighting the significance of sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing. We talked about what our senses tell us and how and when we use them. Children said things such as; we touch toys when we play with them and we hold our pencils. They commented that they smell Miss Kasha’s cooking and try to guess what we will have for lunch. We taste our fruits and our lunch. We look at the new activities and we hear what our friends and teachers say.

Each child sat with their teacher 1:1 to identify, cut, and stick the labels; sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing, to its corresponding picture. We will focus on a different sense each week this half term.

Phonics: Each week we have phonics circles where we introduce a single letter sound and identify the objects that begin with that sound (i.e., letter Ii plate would have an igloo, an ice cream , an iron, etc.). We collect these objects on the phonics plate and make a silly alliterative story with them. This week’s sound is a “bouncy sound” and so we say “i” quickly and move our hand up (as if bouncing a ball on the palm of our hand) when we identify it. Our silly story for the “i” sound is, “Inky the iguana spilled the ink and hid in an igloo.” Following the introduction to the “Ii” sound the next lesson I mixed the objects from the Ii plate and some of the previously learned letter plates together and asked the children individually to choose an object, identify its sound and place it on the correct plate.

Maths: This week the children revisited 2D shapes, they were asked to identify circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, and one hexagon. Next they sat 1:1 with their teacher to cut out all the shapes and then stick them with a Prit stick on the corresponding sheet, to complete a picture of a bus. Each child created their own shape bus with the 2D shapes. Being able to use scissors to cut well is an important skill for many activities at school including art and craft.
Many of the children are now describing the characteristics of shapes without prompting, this is fantastic and will help them when we move onto 3D shapes.

Meditation: The children continue to practise meditation in the afternoons. They understand that it is a time to be quiet, still and to take deep breaths (in through our nose and out through our mouth). They maintain their focus for the three minutes and are intrigued by the notion of having guided meditation soon.

Forest School and Art: Mr Hurst conducted a science experiment making “water fireworks” with water, oil and food colouring. The food colouring drops through the oil and “dances” into the water.
Next, he presented the children with beautiful brightly coloured red, yellow and orange leaves and explained that they will make a bonfire art on black cards as the night sky. Each child selected their leaves, tiny sticks and sprinkles of glitter to create a gorgeous bonfire.

Show and Tell: The children have been showcasing their Communication and Language skills this week. They have proudly presented their wonderful, creative posters of their favourite celebrations. Thank you all for your efforts for the posters, their Halloween costumes and of course the pumpkins.

Next week, we will explore our sense of smell. Please discuss what they enjoy the smell of, i.e. baking bread, grass after the rain, perfume, and an unpleasant smell they do not like, for example, burnt food, boiling brussels sprouts, certain fish, etc. Please upload images to Tapestry or draw and scribe pictures with them to present.

Thank you all for returning their homework folders. Homework in nursery class is optional but recommended as it will help to consolidate their learning and help build a strong work ethic for when they start reception.

Our bead jar prize winners for this week are Ji and Sofia congratulations! The children earn beads for good manners, good listening, kindness, working hard, and following our classroom rules and routines.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
Miss Victoria McDonald, Mr Hurst, Mr Var, and Mrs Hazard