Pre-Reception and Reception

We are a pre-prep school with four classrooms - Pre-Reception, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Here you can read about our happy and eager Pre-Reception and Reception classes.


Nursery school carpet time

In Pre-Reception, we combine the Montessori ethos and activities along with the seven areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Our small class sizes enables us to spend a lot of time working with the children individually. The children can work at their own paces and we can support and extend each child to have their own individual education plan. We regularly do cooking with the children. This introduces concepts such as measurements. We actively encourage the children to be independent, things like putting on their coats, doing up their zips and buttons by themselves. We have a snack every day and children and encouraged and supported to pour their own drinks. We have a strong emphasis on social skills when they come in. By the time they finish Pre-Reception they are working harmoniously together, and they are prepared in regard to their phonics and their numeracy for Reception.



Reception class coming back from swimming trip

In Reception, the children learn to work as part of a team. We make use of a lot of modern technology, the interactive board, they use the laptops and iPads, and choose websites and activities they would like to play and work on. For literacy, we work on phonics and do lots of tricky words, sentences and creative writing. In numeracy, we do hands-on activities with measuring and time, 2D and 3D shapes, adding and taking away, being more independent and taking more responsibility, then having the option to make decisions for themselves, it helps them with their transition from Reception to Year 1.