Dear Parents,

It is wonderful to see the children after the half term break.
Both Years 1 and 2 added to and learned about Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder Plot.
To represent fireworks Year 1 covered a piece of card in dark colours using oil pastels. Then they etched fireworks out of the covered card using tooth picks. Year 2 used bubble wrap and paint, dabbing it on to card creating fireworks. They followed this up by doing comprehension exercise.
Celebrating Halloween:
A huge big thank you to the parents for creating such amazing pumpkin carvings. The children had a wonderful time describing their pumpkins and who helped them to carve it.
The children have been doing yoga with Mrs. Hazard.
Year 1 have been working on lists and description.
Year 2 have been doing comprehension exercises and creative writing.
Year 1 have been working on Place Value and skip counting.
Year 2 have been working on time problem solving and reasoning.
Next week:
Both Years 1 and 2 are going to learn about Remembrance Day and the significance of the Red Poppy Flower. Year 1 will have their community time this coming Friday.
It is science week next week.
Year 1 are going to learn about what materials will be useful to patch a broken umbrella (waterproof)
Year 2 are going to learn about Sir Issac Newton and perform a few experiments.
Year 1 are going to work on lists, signs, labels.
Year 2 will be working on writing a letter, written comprehension and poem.
Year 1 are going to work on 2D shape and calculations.
Year 2 are going to work on directions and data handling.

We wish you a relaxing and enjoyable weekend
Best wishes
Mr Pilla and Ms Sheikh